Michael "mich" Sandler

Technology enthusiast and Information Security expert
Hello there fellow internet traveller!
I hereby declare thy unclaimed wandering bits as my personal peice of the internets

Basic about me:
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in infosec
  • Arch Linux user and Linux enthusiast in general
  • Major experience with Windows OS's, including low level insight
  • Experienced programmer, high level languages, as also low level, down to assembly
  • Took place and lead in some extensive research and developement projects
  • Highly trained Netflix watcher
  • Electronics enthusiast, working on embedded and IoT stuff on my free time
  • Level 2 certfied scuba diver, and an occasional cyclyst
  • Enthusiast photographer, Nikon DSLR owner
If you want to know some more about me professionaly, you are welcome visit my Linkedin profile, otherwise, you are welcome to visit my blog, or my flickr photostream
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